Impressive Strengths

This section outlines the most important strengths that set Mason apart, expanding the ideas introduced in the Message Map. When we are planning any new piece of communication—a speech or web page, a radio spot or holiday card—these are the points we should think about expressing.

Academic Quality

We are writing a new definition of excellence, creating a signature Mason Learning Experience.
At Mason, we put our students and their success first. We focus on providing experiential and integrative learning in all programs through research, field work, internships, and service learning. We work to give every student the opportunity for a meaningful global experience. And we apply technology in powerful ways to enrich learning.


Mason is a place of innovation. It’s in our DNA. 
We embrace new possibilities and bring new ideas to life. We strive to find better ways to deliver on our mission. We nurture the skills of creative problem solving in our students, educating imaginative thinkers, ready to make their mark in an idea economy.


Mason is a marvel of diversity, proving the power of many perspectives. 
We embrace a multitude of people and ideas in everything we do, and our diversity sparks innovation; new ideas emerge when different points of view come together. At Mason, each person is part of a multicultural community that’s a microcosm of our interconnected world—an outstanding learning environment and a great place to prepare for life in the 21st century.


We are a home to the entrepreneurial spirit, putting ideas into action. 
This can mean launching a business, launching a community organization, or launching a roving art gallery in a taco truck. New ventures are fueled by our innovative spirit and reflect our real-world focus. Our goal is not just knowledge for it’s own sake; it’s to have a positive impact on our community and the world.


We are a model of accessibility, providing many paths to success. 
Mason is an open and welcoming community, reaching out to the world beyond campus to create connections and forge partnerships. We invent new pathways to an excellent education and are committed to affordability. We define our success not by how selective we can become, but by how many students of talent and potential we can serve.

Outcomes and Impact

We measure ourselves by the results we achieve. 
At Mason, we prepare our students for success in life and in their careers. We serve our region as an engine of economic vitality and cultural enrichment. We deliver an exceptional return on investment.

Research of Consequence

We make discoveries that make a difference. 
Every day, Mason faculty and students help solve pressing problems, illuminate important issues, and shape decisions on policy. We work to answer questions of relevance through research, scholarship, and creative endeavors in a full range of fields—any enterprise offering the chance to break new ground and have a meaningful impact.

The Mason Nation

We are one community, strong, proud, and energized. 
Some of Mason’s greatest strengths are invisible: the energy that propels us forward, the can-do attitude, the lifelong bond that links our students and alumni to their university and each other. Mason is not like every other university. The members of this community—students, alumni, faculty, and staff—are proud to stand together and proud to stand apart.

Our Location

We learn and live on campuses closely connected to an exceptional region and a great city. 
Mason’s campuses are located in the heart of one of the country’s most dynamic regions and in the orbit of one of the world’s great capitals. Opportunities for internships and research are unequaled. So is access to archives and museums, policy makers and think tanks, and diverse career opportunities in technology, government, and other spheres.


We are committed to creating a more just, free, and prosperous world. 
At Mason, our goal is to be not the best university in the world, but the best university for the world. In other words, we exist to serve and measure our status by the contribution we make—helping our students, helping enrich life in our community, and helping solve complex global problems. This mission is of real value, and it inspires everything we do.

Vision and Momentum

We are writing a remarkable story of progress, evolving every day. 
Forty years ago, Mason was a modest upstart. Today, it is a nationally ranked research university with five locations, 11 schools, and more than 38,000 students. We have traced a trajectory of growth few, if any, institutions can match, and we have no intention of slowing down.