Scavenger Hunt

Add a little adventure to your holidays! Find the items and complete the activities listed on the sheet below. Submit your sheet (and pictures) to be entered to win raffle prizes! 

Click here to access the Scavenger Hunt sheet. (You will need to use your SSO to sign in.)

How many can you do?  

Update: Haven't submitted your Scavenger Hunt sheet yet? Don't worry, if you submit by January 8th you'll still be included in our Holidays at Home raffle! Winners of the raffle will be announced on January 11th.

How to return to the worksheet if you haven't submitted it yet

  1. Log into your dynamic forms account:
  2. Log in with your Mason credentials or your unique login (if you created one).
  3. You will receive a push notification to your phone that you will need to accept.
  4. Once you are logged into Dynamic Forms, click on 'My Forms' in the upper right corner. Your form history will show any completed forms. Open 'Pending/Draft Forms' to see any forms you have not submitted. Look for Mason Holidays at Home Winter Scavenger Hunt.
  5. Click the Complete Form box on the far right under 'Actions'.
  6. You will then see your submission form come up in the same browser and you can resume work from where you left off!

Thank you to everyone who completed the Scavenger Hunt! Here are some highlights from what you've shared:


Prize winners for the Scavenger Hunt have been announced! Watch the video to see if you've won: