Graphic Elements

The Mason M

A few years ago, we established the Mason M as an expansion to the university’s secondary marks. Until now, the M has been used in a limited capacity on internal marketing and communications materials. Like the secondary logo the M is never used as a substitute for the university logo. Instead, we are developing the M as an optional graphic element. Below are configurations of the M used as a graphic element and in the following pages are samples of how to use it.

Mason M and graphic element files are available to Mason staff to download. Please contact with questions.

mason m




Architectural Elements

In addition to the Mason M, we are developing a series of architectural elements to help expand the creative tools for design while staying within our visual identity. We are starting with the three elements below and will expand collection as needed. Currently, there is one architectural element each from the Fairfax, Arlington, and Science and Technology Campuses.


Architectural Graphics




Graphic Elements in Use

The following pages show the new university visual style with the Mason M or one of the architectural elements. As you can see, the elements can be resized and moved. They work well in both vertical and horizontal formats. The style is that the elements float and give an impression of being fluid. They are intended to move into and fall off of a page.


Cover Samples

Cover Samples 1
Cover Samples 2


The architectural elements are really flexible in the number of ways you can creatively use them in your design. In addition to being a cover element, they can be used as backgrounds, page banners and boxes, or even as page folios.

Cover Samples 3


Sample Page Spreads

Sample Page Spread 1
Sample Page Spread 2


Sample Ads

Sample Ads


Sample Powerpoint

Sample Powerpoint


Real World Implementation

This page demonstrates the Mason brand (messaging and visual identity) in action.

Real World Implementation